Napoleon Prestige PRO –PRO 500 -1- RSIB

Prestige PRO Series PRO500RSIB gives you a total of six burners. Four bottom tube burners made with 304 stainless steel give you the durability and heat control that Napoleon® is known for. From the pedestal base to, the side shelves and lid with chrome details. This grill is made of marine-grade 304-stainless steel. Best on the market.

Sear the perfect steak over the infrared side burner, and then finish on the grill. You can also use the infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ for small batch cooking instead of using the main tube burners on your grill, and even as a burner to make sauces or sauté over while grilling the main dish.

Dimensions: 66 1/2″W x 26 1/2″D x 51 3/4″H**
**lid closed


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